(Philip) Stroomberg is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer who works primarily in the cultural sector. His clients include universities, publishers and art institutions. Stroomberg regularly creates designs that are used to promote Dutch culture. An important feature of his work is interaction: his designs encourage the user to develop a bond with the object and often challenge the user’s imagination.


Every question is unique. And so is every answer. My designs have a character of their own. You can see who made them, and whom they were made for. I design with people and for people, always seeking interaction.


I like clear-cut shapes and strong colours. My designs are not careful, they are clear. Designs can be challenging, they can confront – designers are not afraid.


To me, designing is like inventing. I work analytically and ask specific questions. Nothing is obvious. I look for tailor-made solutions, preferably ones I haven’t come across before.


I strive for communicative, striking and functional designs. For every assignment, I seek the appropriate form, the most suitable medium.


I am influenced by what happens around me – at home, in the street and in the world. And I want the world to be visible in my designs. I believe that good design can really make the world a little better. I am an optimist.